Two Minutes with Dr. Yahya: Bin Laden Still Alive- دقيقتان مع الدكتور يحيى: ابن لادن ما زال حيا

Two Minutes with Dr. Yahya: Bin Laden Still Alive

دقيقتان مع الدكتور يحيى: ابن لادن ما زال حيا

May 2011, was the end of a man, but for many people, never was an end to his legacy and ideas, such legacy includes: bringing lost dignity back to Arabs, Muslims and oppressed people all over the world. This article in the process of world peace through this writer  theory of cultural normalization, or Crescentologism).

The mistakes of modernization theories and processes were using economic factors to modernize and develop people in poor or rich (supposedly independent) countries without giving more attention to the spiritual development in these countries.  For social scientists, especially sociologists and anthropologists, people residing cities we call the public, unfortunately, are probably, becoming educated, employed and consuming power of foreign imports, but the spiritual-cultural factor was never removed from its roots  which Ibn Khaldun calls: “Badawah,” and others like Tonnies calls: the village.  Communities and cities are not only practicing basic values of the traditional past, but after the physical termination of bin Laden, these values are becoming more stronger than before.

The idea of identity in these countries, was left to journalistic and governmental agencies which in large part follows secular practices, despite their knowledge-or may be ignorance by choice-of people’s values which is never disconnected from their historical past, even though shows elasticity in some periods.

In the Muslim-including the Arabs (0.4B/1.7B) world, ideas are too many to regain lost dignity, but the supreme missing power was the public, which is the parameter of politics. This public still strong in keeping the tradition of the village in city communities.

Muslim Agencies-parties-movements-radical-militant,  or under any other political or sectarian name, in Philippine, in Mali, in Egypt, in Libya,   or even in Europe, or elsewhere, have in common the idea of sacrifice in their tradition. But they differ in size, volume, and technology of self destruction.

The UN Security Council share aggressiveness of world powers. Last Friday “the UN, approved a resolution that presses West African nations to speed up preparations for an international military intervention aimed at reconquering northern Mali.” As if the people of North Mali, are coming from outside –in Alexander the Great, or Napoleon fashion to “reconqueing” the area. This is a total ignorance from politicians representing their nations in the UN. مناهج البحث العلمي
مناهج البحث العلمي

The UN did not call for respect of the people rebelled or discuss the roots of conflict in Mali, as in Asia –Moro agreement, but to escape its failure, it flips the coin, to give itself the innocent role of intervention. the UN text unanimously approved by the council also urges authorities in Bamako and representatives of “Malian rebel groups” controlling the North to “engage, as soon as possible, in a credible negotiation process.”

The UN is afraid that Integrity of Mali is important between the foes.  The council members warned that the process should be undertaken with a view toward “a sustainable political solution, mindful of the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Mali.”

Well, unity and territorial are two faces of the coin, they do not concise with each other, and neither, works for the purpose of national integrity, while the root causes of the conflict never given validity in politicians’ discussions.

Islam is alive and well  from Philippine’s South to Mali’s North. In Asia the efforts were more understanding of territorial integration,  the North African conflict in the (French-Moroccan-Algerian-Mauritanian-Malian) desert the roots are ignored. Therefore, the UN in recent history, is becoming employed in the service of those who have physical and technological power, by ignoring the spiritual power of Justice. The rules of colonization used internally or externally work no more, I confidently, say that bin Laden died but his spirit still alive and well in many areas inside and outside  the Muslim World.

Palestine forever! Flags of resistence

Palestine forever! Flags of resistance

It is the war for regaining dignity, no matter how politicians call it.  Between some groups see that their death  is more honourable than life with no dignity or at least, equal . In both cases, life and death are equal for them. This idea seems very strange in the western world, and the UN assemblies and resolutions, but in the Muslim world-including Arabs- still believe in Abdul Rahim Mahmoud, a Palestinian Arab poet, who says:

سأحمل روحي على راحتي ++ وأهوي بها في مهاوي الردى

فإما حياة تسر الصديق ++ وإما ممات يغيظ العدا


I will carry my soul in my hand, and will throw it were death channels are,

The choice is, Life with dignity makes friends happy, or death makes the enemy angry.

This idea of sacrificing one’s own life for a noble purpose, Shahid, (imagined or real), is real after real practice.  This idea of sacrifice I urge the west and the UN, to understand it, in order to solve Muslim conflicts without arrogance and Alligator tears. Unfortunately, the west governments as well as the UN, still ignorant of understanding  the weak power, which may destroy the strong powers, in any time, seen or versioned.

The official success of long oppressed people, city dwellers with cultural mentality of the village, as found in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and soon may be Syria, are parts of al-Qa’idah vision and engineering of bin Laden , and I think it is the beginning of regaining dignity for Muslims.

To succeed, these official movements (politically at least)  have to support each other ideologically, and form a well constructed strategy to continue bin Laden legacy, for reviving against injustice in their lands.

In Egypt, some signs began to show on the surface, but the west-in general-I guess, does not play the winning cards in the turmoil of the Middle East, at least in the long run.

Friendship with these movements-under any name given by intelligence Agencies-official of unofficial, while killing their brothers (in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen,  and elsewhere) by Drone (no pilot) planes, and supporting their enemies, local rulers or border occupying enemies (Israel),  friendship doesn’t work.

  الكاتب الأديب العربي الفلسطيني www.hasanyahya.comالدكتور حسن يحيى

الكاتب الأديب العربي الفلسطيني
http://www.hasanyahya.comالدكتور حسن يحيى

Finally, Hamas, Hizbu Allah, Mali and Moro freedom fighters are considered by public everywhere in the Muslim-including Arab)  traditional world.  While Hamas and Hizbu Allah still included on CIA terrorist list in Europe and the United States, the negative exchanged image reduces agreement chances to compromise. While persons like bin Laden (or Guevara in South America, or Martin Luther King in the USA) may die, their spirit remains guiding lights for movements looking for the same (imaginative or real) justice, liberation and equality. Religion, however, in all cases is not the only working factor in the process, but remains the strongest one in the Middle East.  (1106 words) ( )

The writer is not a normal analyst, he’s a  former professor of comparative sociology with two Ph.d degrees from Michigan State University, 1988, 1991. He’s the originator and sponsor of the Arab American Encyclopedia. 

نداء إلى القراء والقارئات العرب في كل مكان – ساهموا معنا في مشروع إحياء التراث العربي في المهجر الذي تدعمه الموسوعة العربية الأمريكية التي أسسها الأديب الفلسطيني – الدكتور حسن يحيى ، ونهيب بالقراء والقارئات العرب من عامة الشعب البسطاء من أطباء ومهندسين وعمال ومفكرين ومهاجرين أن يساهموا ولو بإرسال دولار واحد فقط إلى حساب البي بال إيميل ، الخاص بالمشروع وهو

أو من خلال امتلاك بعض هذه الكتب التي كتبت خصيصا للمغتربين في بلاد المهاجر وعدد كبير منها يصلح وضعه في مناهج المدارس في أوروبا وامريكا الشمالية

Read the writer’s 250 books HERE or Here

أقرأوا للكاتب بعضا من 250 كتابا هنا أو هنا وشكرا .والله يرعاكم .

Arab American Encyclopedia-AAE

أنا على يقين أنكم إذا زرتم هذه المواقع ستجدون ما يسركم ويعجبكم من الكتب النافعة

والمحببة إلى نفوس القراء والقارئات العرب في المهاجر، وشكرا جزيلا للمساهمين في هذا المشروع النبيل

الكاتب المعجزة   عربي أردني أمريكي من فلسطين

الكاتب المعجزة
عربي أردني أمريكي من فلسطين



About Arab American Encyclopedia-USA - Hasan Yahya

HASAN YAHYA was born at a small village called Majdal-YaFa (Majdal Sadiq) in Mandate Palestine (1944). He migrated as a refugee to Mes-ha, a village east of Kufr Qasim, west of Nablus (in the West Bank), then moved with his family to Zarka, 25 km north of Amman – Jordan. He finished the high school at Zarka Secondary School, 1963. He was appointed as a teacher in the same year. Studied Law first at Damascus University, then B.A from Lebanon University in Arabic literature and Eastern Cultures (1975). He moved to Kuwait. Where he got married in 1967. He was working at Kuwait Television, taught at bilingual School, and Kuwait University. In 1982, Hasan left to the United States to continue his education at Michigan State University. He got the Master Degree in 1983, the Ph.D degree in 1988 in Education (Psychology of Administration ). In 1991, He obtained his post degree in Social research, the result was a second Ph.D degree in Comparative sociology-Social Psychology. He was the only Arab student who enrolled ever to pursue two simultaneous Ph.D programs from Michigan State University and fulfill their requirements perfectly. Professor Yahya employment history began as a supervisor of a joint project to rehabilitate Youth (inmates out of prison) by Michigan State University and Intermediate School Districts. Worked also as a Teacher Assistant and lecturer in the same university. He was offered a position at Lansing Community College as well as Jackson Community College where he was assistant professor, then associate professor, then full professor (1991-2006). He taught Sociology, psychology, education, criminology and research methods. He supervised 19 Master and Ph.D candidates on various personal, economic psychological and social development topics. Professor Yahya published Hundreds (1000 Plus on this site) of articles and research reports in local, regional, and international journals. His interest covers local, regional and global conflicts. He also authored, translated, edited and published over 280 plus books in several languages, in almost all fields especial education, sociology and psychology. These books can be found on Amazon and Kindle. He also, was a visiting professor at Eastern Michigan University to give Research Methods and Conflict Management courses. Prof. Yahya accepted an offer to join Zayed University Faculty Team in 1998, then he served as the Head of Education and Psychology Department at Ajman University of Science and Technology 2001-04. Dr. Yahya established several institutes in Diaspora, the Arab American Encyclopedia, Ihyaa al Turath al Arabi Project, (Revival of Arab Heritage in Diaspora.Recently he was nominated for honorary committee member for the Union of Arab and Muslim Writers in America. He was affiliated with sociological associations and was a member of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS) at USA. Social Activities and Community Participation: Dr. Yahya was a national figure on Diversity and Islamic Issues in the United States, with special attention to Race Relations and Psychology of Assimilation (generations 1,2 &3). He was invited as a public speaker to many TV shows and interviews in many countries. His philosophy includes enhancing knowledge to appreciate the others, and to compromise with others in order to live peacefully with others. This philosophy was the backgrounds of his theory, called “ Theory C. of Conflict Management”. And developed later to a Science of Cultural Normalization under the title: “Crescentology. The results of such theory will lead to world peace depends on a global Knowledge, Understanding, appreciation, and Compromising (KUAC)” Recently Prof. Yahya started "Publish your book FREE Project", to serve young Arab Writers. Dr. Yahya accepted the offer to be the chief editor of the International Humanities Studies Journal -I-H-S-Jerusalem, since July 2014. (Revised Sept. 2014) ولد الدكتور حسن عبدالقادر يحيى في مجدل يابا من أعمال يافا – فلسطين عام 1944. تلقى علومه الابتدائية في مدرسة بديا الأميرية في الضفة الغربية أيام احتوائها ضمن المملكة الأدردنية الهاشمية وتخرج في جامعة بيروت حاملاً الإجازة في اللغة العربية وآدابها، ودبلوم التأهيل التربوي من كلية القديس يوسف بلبنان، ودبلوم الدراسات العليا (الماجستير) ودكتوراة في الإدارة التربوية من جامعة ولاية ميشيغان بالولايات المتحدة عام 1988، وشهادة الدكتوراه في علم الاجتماع المقارن من الجامعة نفسها عام 1991. عمل في التدريس والصحافة الأدبية. أديب وشاعر وقاص ، ,كما عمل في تلفزيون الكويت الرسمي كمعد ومنسق برامج ثم اتجه إلى الكتابة والتأليف في علوم كثيرة تخص علمي النفس والاجتماع والتنمية البشرية ، والتغير الاجتماعي والسكان وألف ونشر العديد من المقالات (1000 +) والكتب باللغتين العربية والإنجليزية (أكثر من 330 كتابا) ، منها ست مجموعات قصصية وست كتب للأطفال ، وأربع دواوين شعرية باللغتين أيضا. وعدد من كتب التراث في الشعر والأدب والأخلاق الإسلامية والتربية والأديان . وهو الآن أستاذ متقاعد في جامعة ولاية ميشيغان. . وكان عضوا سابقا في جمعية العلماء المسلمين في أمريكا . وجمعية علماء الاجتماع الأمريكية - ميشيغان، وهو مؤسس الموسوعة العربية الأمريكية في الولايات المتحدة ضمن مشروع إحياء التراث العربي في بلاد المهجرز كما تم ترشيحه مؤخرا ليكون عضو مجلس التحرير لمجلة الدراسات الإنسانية العالمية. وقد قبل أن يتسلم رئاسة تحريرها اعتبارا من نهاية يونيو 2014 His email: Thank you!
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5 Responses to Two Minutes with Dr. Yahya: Bin Laden Still Alive- دقيقتان مع الدكتور يحيى: ابن لادن ما زال حيا

  1. Nafees says:

    I dunno who was behind 911 but I would never appreciate Bin Laden. Thats not the way you deal with things which you don’t like. Hassan Nisar, a Pakistani intellectual said referencing a verse from Quran that only Momins would dominate the world so it means which nation or society leads the world is Momin or nearer to being Momin. Look at Arabs, how they deal other nations even if they are Muslims. Once I was in Dubai as cleaner, I knew my worth as a worker, I felt like slave so came back right after one week.

    • I don’t blame you to leave the Gulf slavery. In the same time, Mu’mins according to God are declining, because according to the tradition, all humans on earth will come to a disbelief in God. Then they say, someone like Jesus of al-Mahdi or other names, will come and make all Mu’mins. All are superstition.
      According to your statement, then America is the Mu’min. I believe that they use their minds, not like insane people somewhere else. I am not defending U.S.A by the way. I am telling you the facts.

    • I agree with you, congradulation for leaving Gulf slavery. On your statement, that Mu’min leads, then America is the one. But I doubt this, because U.S.A. is leading and feeding the world, according to health mentality of having happiness. They depend on some one like Muslims, Jews, and may be other RE, that Jesus or al-Mahdi or Uzair, or else, will come after all humans become Mushriks. I believe partly in last four words, no more.
      Thanks for the comment. I can tell you a secret, don’t believe all intellectuals, including myself, without checking the TRUTH.

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