Press Release: Arab Professor for Sale أخر زمن …. يا عرب

Press Release on Professor Yahya Lecture & Dissertation sale

By: Suzanne Edward and Tina Gardner

From International News Agency (TINA), Chicago,

Posted: September 25, 2009,

This article was published on September 2009.  We bring it here, because professor Yahya announced few days ago, that he will set fire to his 250 books and burn it.

Yesterday, at the auditorium of MSU, Dr. Yahya in his second public appearance after his rehab from a successful lever transplant, announced his press release to the audience attended his lecture, on the Prophet Muhammad’s life and wives. (The lecture may be found on He left the best for the end which was a surprise for all. He offered his two scholarly academic dissertations’ copyrights for sale.

Professor Yahya, is an Arab Muslim American scholar and philosopher, he authored over twenty books and wrote hundreds of articles on society, politics, and psychology. He’s also published three short stories groups, and three poetry Diwans in Arabic and English. Dr. Yahya is a retired professor of sociology and religions.

image011In the press release , Dr. Yahya announces that he offers the copyrights of his two dissertations for sale. Bid offers ends on October, 25, 2009. He’s planning to visit Makka for pilgrimage, if the sale was successful. However, no ceiling was given for the price. Estimators give the amount  between $100,000 to a half million Dollars. One estimator did not give her name, gives the amount of half million for each. For the question: What if some Arab Kings or Emirs like to own the two dissertations or sponsor publication? He answered with a smile: Then the two copies will be offered as a free gift for the King or Emir. He added: I know that ambassadors will convey the message of this press release to their governments if they knew about the offer. However, both copyrights belong to  the author. The offer will be posted on you-tube and twitter and other sites belong to the author and his friends.

The First dissertation covers the micro psychology -level on Educational Administration, while the second dissertation covers the macro level on Social Change and Sociology.  

image001The first dissertation abstract: Yahya Hasan A. Qader. (Department of  Education, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 48824. Factors influencing the Satisfaction of Muslim Organization Members in the Greater Lansing, Michigan, Area. 1988) Abstract: In conducting this study, the main objectives were (a) to explore various relationships between Muslim organization members’ satisfaction with life and the academic domain and certain demographic variables; (b) to examine a proposed typology of human behavior, taking into account normative values as a point of departure; and (c) to evaluate the validity of measures of subjective phenomena, namely religiosity and satisfaction with the academic domain. To serve these objectives, the literature on small groups and organizational theory was discussed. Life satisfaction as related to contextual variables was reviewed, and measurement scales were constructed. The purpose of this study was to measure the relationship between certain demographic variables–namely, age, marital status, length of residence in the United States, and ethnic background–and satisfaction with life and the academic domain, as evaluated by members of a voluntary organization–the Islamic Center of Greater Lansing, Michigan. Probability sampling was used in sample selection (N = 115). Survey (questionnaire and interview), case study, and personal observation were used as methods of inquiry. The response rate was 58%. Three measures were designed for the study variables: academic domain, life satisfaction as a whole, and religiosity. The analysis plan was divided into four stages: modification of the data, coding-recoding, computer simulation, and data analysis. The major statistical tools used were a t-test and cross-tabulation. Multiple regression was used for possible controls. Principal-component factor analysis was also used. Twenty four hypotheses were tested. Only six hypotheses were rejected, whereas 18 hypotheses were not rejected for no difference between the study groups. The sample’s satisfaction with past, present, and expected future life was 5.00, 4.84, and 5.66, respectively. Concerning academic domains, three of the nine items (satisfaction with professors, with mass media, and with the English language) were significant at the .05 level among Arab and non-Arab Muslim respondents.  @Copywright, 1988, Hasan A. Yahya. All rights reserved. 

 The second dissertation abstract: Yahya Hasan A. Qader. Comparative Analysis of Social Change in the Muslim Nations, U-M-I Dissertation Information Center. (1991) 

Abstract: The main purpose of this research was to study aspects of social changing education, housing, health, labor force composition, and participation in Muslim nations in two periods: 1975 and 1985. Further, the researcher compared the extent of change among Muslim countries in these aspects, and tested hypotheses concerning relationships between infant mortality (as the endogenous variable) and adult literacy, women’s participation in the labor force, access to piped water, population density, and GNP per capita (as exogenous variables).  Thirty-six nations constituted the study sample. Using secondary data, t-test, multiple regression, analysis of variance, path analysis, and correlations were used as statistical techniques in analyzing the data.   Results of the t-test showed that a significant change had occurred between 1985 and 1975 in the education, health, housing, labor force composition, and political participation areas, whereas no significant difference was observed in female enrollment in schools and citizen participation indicators.  Results of the analysis of variance showed that both significant differences were found in geographic location, ethnic background, political type, and oil production. Significant differences were found between Asian and African nations in women’s participation in the labor force and adult literacy. Between Arab and non-Arab Muslim nations, the null hypotheses concerning infant mortality, women’s participation in the labor force, and GNP per capita were rejected.  The null hypotheses concerning republican and non republican nations in infant mortality, access to piped water, and GNP per capita were rejected. The null hypotheses concerning oil and non oil-producing nations was rejected only on GNP per capita.  Path analysis results showed that 9 out of 11 hypotheses were in congruity with expectations. However, hypotheses concerning the relationships between women’s participation in the labor force, and between adult literacy and population density, were opposite to expectations, having a negative rather than positive sign. The findings suggest that change had occurred in certain areas but not others in these countries’ transition from the traditional to the modern. The implications of social change theory are highly desirable area for further research, especially using historical comparative analysis and path-analysis techniques. @Copywright, 1991, Hasan A. Yahya. All rights reserved. (1047 words)

About the writers: Suzanne Edward and Tina Gardner are syndicate writers in several newspapers, and were students and fans of professor Yahya. They both live in Chicago.

Professor Hasan Yahya is an Arab-Jordanian-American Sociologist and Historian from Palestine, former professor of Comparative Sociology and Educational Administration at Michigan State University and Jackson Community College. He is the Board Editing member at International Humanities Studies (IHS) Journal.  Dr. Yahya is the originator of Arab American Encyclopedia and Ihyaa al Turath al Arabi fil Mahjar-USA. His (250 plus) publication may be observed on Amazon and Kindle in GB,EU and USA. To reach the writer: Email:

Dr. Yahya Credentials: Ph.D in Comparative Socioloy 1991, Michigan State University. Ph.D in Educational Administration, Michigan State Univ. M.A Psychology of Schhols Conflict Management, Michigan State Univ. Diploma M.A, Oriental Studies, St. Joseph Univ. Beirut, Lebanon; B.A Modern and Classical Arab Literature; Life Achievements: Publishing 250 plus Books and 1000 plus articles.

لطفا… إذا أعجبكم هذا الموقع فأرسلوه بالموبايل إلى أصحابكم وشاركوا في تنمية الأخلاق الإنسانية السليمة الداعية للسلام

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250 Books on Amazon

250 Books on Amazon

Special Thanks to Female and male Principles and teachers in USA, Great Britain, and EU for selecting some of the author’s publications bringing up our children in Diaspora. I appreciate. Thank you!




About Arab American Encyclopedia-USA - Hasan Yahya

HASAN YAHYA was born at a small village called Majdal-YaFa (Majdal Sadiq) in Mandate Palestine (1944). He migrated as a refugee to Mes-ha, a village east of Kufr Qasim, west of Nablus (in the West Bank), then moved with his family to Zarka, 25 km north of Amman – Jordan. He finished the high school at Zarka Secondary School, 1963. He was appointed as a teacher in the same year. Studied Law first at Damascus University, then B.A from Lebanon University in Arabic literature and Eastern Cultures (1975). He moved to Kuwait. Where he got married in 1967. He was working at Kuwait Television, taught at bilingual School, and Kuwait University. In 1982, Hasan left to the United States to continue his education at Michigan State University. He got the Master Degree in 1983, the Ph.D degree in 1988 in Education (Psychology of Administration ). In 1991, He obtained his post degree in Social research, the result was a second Ph.D degree in Comparative sociology-Social Psychology. He was the only Arab student who enrolled ever to pursue two simultaneous Ph.D programs from Michigan State University and fulfill their requirements perfectly. Professor Yahya employment history began as a supervisor of a joint project to rehabilitate Youth (inmates out of prison) by Michigan State University and Intermediate School Districts. Worked also as a Teacher Assistant and lecturer in the same university. He was offered a position at Lansing Community College as well as Jackson Community College where he was assistant professor, then associate professor, then full professor (1991-2006). He taught Sociology, psychology, education, criminology and research methods. He supervised 19 Master and Ph.D candidates on various personal, economic psychological and social development topics. Professor Yahya published Hundreds (1000 Plus on this site) of articles and research reports in local, regional, and international journals. His interest covers local, regional and global conflicts. He also authored, translated, edited and published over 280 plus books in several languages, in almost all fields especial education, sociology and psychology. These books can be found on Amazon and Kindle. He also, was a visiting professor at Eastern Michigan University to give Research Methods and Conflict Management courses. Prof. Yahya accepted an offer to join Zayed University Faculty Team in 1998, then he served as the Head of Education and Psychology Department at Ajman University of Science and Technology 2001-04. Dr. Yahya established several institutes in Diaspora, the Arab American Encyclopedia, Ihyaa al Turath al Arabi Project, (Revival of Arab Heritage in Diaspora.Recently he was nominated for honorary committee member for the Union of Arab and Muslim Writers in America. He was affiliated with sociological associations and was a member of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS) at USA. Social Activities and Community Participation: Dr. Yahya was a national figure on Diversity and Islamic Issues in the United States, with special attention to Race Relations and Psychology of Assimilation (generations 1,2 &3). He was invited as a public speaker to many TV shows and interviews in many countries. His philosophy includes enhancing knowledge to appreciate the others, and to compromise with others in order to live peacefully with others. This philosophy was the backgrounds of his theory, called “ Theory C. of Conflict Management”. And developed later to a Science of Cultural Normalization under the title: “Crescentology. The results of such theory will lead to world peace depends on a global Knowledge, Understanding, appreciation, and Compromising (KUAC)” Recently Prof. Yahya started "Publish your book FREE Project", to serve young Arab Writers. Dr. Yahya accepted the offer to be the chief editor of the International Humanities Studies Journal -I-H-S-Jerusalem, since July 2014. (Revised Sept. 2014) ولد الدكتور حسن عبدالقادر يحيى في مجدل يابا من أعمال يافا – فلسطين عام 1944. تلقى علومه الابتدائية في مدرسة بديا الأميرية في الضفة الغربية أيام احتوائها ضمن المملكة الأدردنية الهاشمية وتخرج في جامعة بيروت حاملاً الإجازة في اللغة العربية وآدابها، ودبلوم التأهيل التربوي من كلية القديس يوسف بلبنان، ودبلوم الدراسات العليا (الماجستير) ودكتوراة في الإدارة التربوية من جامعة ولاية ميشيغان بالولايات المتحدة عام 1988، وشهادة الدكتوراه في علم الاجتماع المقارن من الجامعة نفسها عام 1991. عمل في التدريس والصحافة الأدبية. أديب وشاعر وقاص ، ,كما عمل في تلفزيون الكويت الرسمي كمعد ومنسق برامج ثم اتجه إلى الكتابة والتأليف في علوم كثيرة تخص علمي النفس والاجتماع والتنمية البشرية ، والتغير الاجتماعي والسكان وألف ونشر العديد من المقالات (1000 +) والكتب باللغتين العربية والإنجليزية (أكثر من 330 كتابا) ، منها ست مجموعات قصصية وست كتب للأطفال ، وأربع دواوين شعرية باللغتين أيضا. وعدد من كتب التراث في الشعر والأدب والأخلاق الإسلامية والتربية والأديان . وهو الآن أستاذ متقاعد في جامعة ولاية ميشيغان. . وكان عضوا سابقا في جمعية العلماء المسلمين في أمريكا . وجمعية علماء الاجتماع الأمريكية - ميشيغان، وهو مؤسس الموسوعة العربية الأمريكية في الولايات المتحدة ضمن مشروع إحياء التراث العربي في بلاد المهجرز كما تم ترشيحه مؤخرا ليكون عضو مجلس التحرير لمجلة الدراسات الإنسانية العالمية. وقد قبل أن يتسلم رئاسة تحريرها اعتبارا من نهاية يونيو 2014 His email: Thank you!
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