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Two Minutes with Dr. Yahya: Thank You, Israel! -دقيقتان مع الدكتور يحيى : شكرا ، إسرائيل

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Flags: The (Hash Brown) Arab States No Wolves…No SheepOne State like LebanonMay be the Ultimate Solution. Two Minutes with Dr. Yahya: Thank You, Israel! دقيقتان مع الدكتور يحيى : شكرا ، إسرائيل Philosophy of…

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Muhammad (pbuh) Miracle is ONLY the Qur’an?

Does Muhammad (pbuh) have miracles other than the Qur’an? The value of Muhammad as messenger and prophet is well established in Qur’an and Islamic beliefs. In recent years, however, the dead thinking of some Muslim fanatics, have shaming Islam and contribute … Continue reading

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Contradictions Between Religions, Islam Christianity and Judaism

Contradictions Between Religions Posted by Hasan Yahya, Ph.Ds. Professor of Comparative Sociology March 25,2015 Historically, Judaism begins with Abraham, the father of Judaism and Islam as well. Christianity broke off from Judaism with the belief of Jesus of Nazareth being … Continue reading

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International Humanities Studies Journal- IHS Call for Papers

         International Humanities Studies-IHS Call for papers (Volume 2, Issue 2)  The International Humanities Studies (ISSN 2311 7796) invites original, unpublished, quality research articles/case studies in the fields of humanities, anthropology,  communication studies, criminology, cross-cultural studies, development studies, economics, education, … Continue reading

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Deviance Concepts

Deviance Concepts Hasan Yahya Control theory: A theory of cultural or self control as internal and external control of self and behavior. Crime: an act of deviation from cultural norms. Criminal Justice system: consists of three components: police, courts and … Continue reading

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Theories of Deviance Behavior in Sociology

Theories of Deviance Behavior in Sociology Introduction Too many sources describe Deviance theories. in this article we bring the subject from various encyclopedic sources written by professionals about the topic. Since its inception as a discipline, sociology has studied the … Continue reading

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Common Grounds Between Arabs and Jews: Introduction II: Rhetoric and non-Rhetoric

Common Grounds between ARABS AND JEWS: Introduction II:Rhetoric and non-Rhetoric Hasan Yahya, Ph.ds   Rhetoric Comment Assumptions of Common grounds All will have the dice and die Each have a price Both illegally Deaf or blind Arabs, Muslims and Jews … Continue reading

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