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C-This Demonstrations Supporting Palestinians- GAZA معا يا غزة الصمود

Demonstration Supporting the cause of Palestinian People in GAZA at Lansing Michigan-USA to stop aggression of mad military  Israeli forces. Other issue: Hate Crime on the rise, this time in Lansing. Prejudiced Americans- A Muslim woman was assaulted in Meridian Mall-C-This at … Continue reading

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Article 792: Palestine is my HomeLand–May 15, 2014 فلسطين بلدي – بمناسبة الذكرى السادسة والستين – 15 مايو

فلسطين في القلب والضمير – بمناسبة الذكرى السادسة والستين – يا فلسطين – يا بلدي في 15 مايو 2014 Article 792: Palestine is my Home- Land * May 15 2014 Palestine Never Forgotten. My home-Land –The Palestinians Home-Land Forever د. حسن يحيى … Continue reading

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